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Trust is built one experience at a time. That’s why we focus on developing connections and improving the customer experience at every point of contact. We weave our deep category expertise, creativity, technology and empathy into authentic stories that engage, inspire and build long-term relationships. To help make better brands and a better world.


We develop communications plans based on authenticity and simplicity to differentiate and elevate brands across paid, earned, shared and owned channels.


We provide useful information that stands out in a cluttered media environment, delivered in an authentic, simple, clear and human way.


Our media-tailored messaging reflects the brand promise - the most useful information delivered in the right place, at the right time, in the right way.


CRM success, like trust, is something that needs to be earned daily. By it's nature, our CRM is designed to nurture long-term relationships that build trust and loyalty.


We create in-depth, focused communications programs to help clients achieve a leadership position as a trusted industry voice.


Our communications are designed to leverage the latest technology platforms. But we believe in the importance of maintaining humanity in every technology solution.


The challenge today isn't finding data: it's dealing with oceans of it. Our analysts, tool kits and experience help clients leverage useful insights by separating the waves from the tide.


Podcast: Proactive reputation management

Two Dodge PR experts discuss best practices for proactive reputation management and brands that have managed reputation well after a crisis. 

Dealing with declining trust among consumers




By: Brad Dodge, president of Dodge Communications and Andrew Pelosi, president of Partners & Simons 

Marketing automation can help build trusted relationships

Read why successful marketing teams are leveraging automation to distinguish their brand through actions that connect, engage and build trusted relationships. 

eBook: The Power of PR: Building trust, credibility & reputation

Throughout this eBook, PR experts at Dodge provide insight into establishing your organization as a trusted advisor. 


Brand-building in the digital age

Download this eBook to learn how an integrated communications strategy can support your unique business needs and objectives as well as maximize impact and ROI.



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