You have content. Now what?

By Dodge Communications (not verified) on January 27th, 2017

As healthcare-focused marketers, communication or PR professionals, we understand that patients are becoming consumers – participating more in their healthcare needs by analyzing and measuring the pros and cons of a certain health plan, hospital, urgent care clinic or pharmacy. We understand that messaging and outreach to patients needs to be targeted, individualized and relevant.

Not only patients need to be treated this way though – outreach to anyone with direct or influential purchasing power needs to be seen as an individual. Gone are the ways of mass emailing, mass direct mailing, mass advertising or even mass texting.

And you get that! You’ve developed a content plan – you’ve defined the main message, determined your audience, tweaked the messaging for each audience and developed content pieces for these audiences to best relate to them, from a high-level industry standpoint, targeted pieces addressing their pain points and visuals that show a solution that helps them at their level and their entire organization. You got it.

But now what?

How do you disseminate the content and know if the content is resonating? Does the content help move contacts through the sales funnel or does the content inspire unsubscribes?

Great questions. Marketing automation enables more than just sending emails. To get the best mileage, response and interaction with content, dive into your email marketing or marketing automation system and expand how you use the system. Three ways you can better utilize your marketing automation system and execute the targeted content plan you have created:

  • Content hosting: Upload your content into your marketing automation system to better track specific files, campaigns, messaging and call-to-actions.
  • Lead nurturing campaigns: With your awesome targeted content, create dynamic lead nurture campaigns that funnel the right contacts to the pieces of content in which they are most interested to increase interaction and conversions.
  • Data segmentation: You have the content down pat – but who are you sending it to? Ensure the content does actually get to the right people by diving into your contacts and cleaning up the data, creating relevant lists and optimizing the system with your CRM.

A content plan can only be successful if the content is getting to the right people at the right time – and marketing automation can ensure that happens if the tool is used properly.

Want to better understand your marketing automation tool? Let us know. We’re happy to perform a system analysis and provide recommendations to improve the execution of your air-tight content plan.

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