Dodge Service Offerings: Marketing Automation

Dodge Communications is a leader in healthcare marketing, providing marketing automation solutions that help maximize resources and more effectively manage demand generation activities. We create highly effective, integrated campaigns that include better lead nurturing, CRM integration, social marketing promotion, micro-level web analytics and personalized content that all add up to measurable ROI.

What exactly is marketing automation?

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your marketing done for you, that day has arrived. Marketing automation makes it fast and easy to create, execute and track campaigns so the right leads go to the right sales reps. It does this with software that segments prospects and provides them with highly personalized content to nurture them through the buying cycle. Automation also improves lead quality, streamlines time-consuming business processes and increases revenue. In a nutshell, marketing automation is part of an integrated approach to communication that also includes content marketing tactics and digital initiatives to increase brand awareness, thought leadership and demand generation.

End-to-end solutions and expertise

Whether you already use a marketing automation tool and are looking for ways to optimize your efforts or are exploring what the system can do for you, we can help. Our healthcare marketing services cover implementation to execution and all the steps between. We’ll optimize your marketing automation solution in a way that best fits your needs and seamlessly integrates with your website and CRM system.

Our award-winning creative and digital departments offer design talent and IT expertise to develop attention-grabbing emails and landing pages, before we program and launch campaigns. And with extensive experience in the healthcare market, our content development team delivers solid results with carefully honed messages targeted for specific audiences that support your efforts.

Learn more about how our marketing automation services can make the sales and marketing processes more efficient and increase your bottom line by checking out the Dodge marketing automation microsite to find out more about our work.