Dodge service offerings: site design

Now more than ever, B2B decision makers are turning to the web to conduct due diligence about a major purchasing decision. When it comes to healthcare website design, two important components are usability and responsive design for their ability to generate leads and nurture prospects into customers.


When prospects look for information, they have a goal in sight. Whether it’s to better understand the market or to check out details about a particular product, they need to find the information they’re after in as little time as possible. Usability describes the ease with which your prospect can find what they’re looking for on your website. It’s based on both information hierarchy and design.

Building rock-solid navigation should include pre- and post-launch user interviews and user testing, such as tracking user focus, what is clicked and how deep users advance before they exit the site. Testing should include different designs, colors, images and messaging to determine which is more effective at increasing engagement and, ultimately, conversions. And, finally, the site’s analytics engine should be capturing and interpreting data from these visits to inform the site designers and marketing team about the most engaging content on the site.

Responsive design

Mobile devices now do everything that used to be done on desktop, so your healthcare website design must perform equally whether it’s viewed from a laptop or a smartphone or, well, an Apple Watch. You want your customers to find you fast—and in the right format.

Having a mobile responsive website provides greater user experience and increases conversions. As mobile use increases in the coming years, methods of communicating, consuming and creating information will evolve as well. Smartphone and tablet use will make it easier to integrate social media into your web experiences and share content with peers. Companies that provide solid mobile responsive sites will be poised to take advantage as purchasing decision makers will expand mobile device use for conducting due diligence, or even interacting with prospective vendors.

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